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10 Best Home Remedies to Mitigate Sinus Symptoms


Sinus is a serious issue that is generally prompted by specific factors like climate change. It can interrupt your normal life. Running nose and high pressure built up in your head can make you feel irritated all the time. The good thing is that in the majority of cases, following a few home remedies can reduce the symptoms and resolves the sinus infection within 15 days. In this post we are explaining some of the best home remedies for sinus infection:

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Using Nasal Decongestant Spray in the prescribed way

If Neti nasal irrigation is quite difficult for you then you can go for nasal decongestant spray that is available at pharmacists. Containing saltwater these sprays restore the moisture of your nasal passages and clean the congestion. Ideally using the spray for the prescribed number of days potently helps in treating the inflammation. However, depending upon the brand and composition different sprays should ideally be used for different days as prescribed by the certified medical professional. Overusing some specific sprays may worsen instead of healing the condition so you should be cautious while using them.

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Nasal Irrigation through Neti Pot

Take a salt-water solution in a specifically designed pot called Neti Pot for nasal irrigation. Make sure that the water should be well-distilled and potable- preferably boiled and cooled just before using. Now flush the nasal passages through the neti pot. It is advisable to practice Neti Nasal irrigation only after a thorough training by professional trainers.

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Boosting infection fighting ability by taking proper sleep

Your body is equipped with an internal infection-fighting mechanism and stimulating that mechanism can also help you recover faster. Proper testing can be of great assistance here as it speeds up the internal biological functions including the immune system which helps in fighting the infection-causing bacteria.

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Thinning your mucus by remaining well hydrated

One of the key causes behind sinus is thick mucus. So thinning it should offer some positive results. For that, you need to maintain optimum levels of hydration by consuming plenty of healthy fuels and avoiding any beverages that lead to dehydration, like alcohol, tea, coffee, or other caffeine-fluids. Instead, you can drink plain normal water or take freshly squeezed fruit juices (not packaged juices that contain preservatives and artificial flavors).

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Spices for decongesting the passageways

Spices also can clear the nasal passageway and relieving sinus symptoms. So optimizing diet is another way to mitigate the sinus issue. You can add gradually increase the number of hot spices like hot sauce hot peppers, black pepper powder, or cayenne in your meals.

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Steam Breathing for mitigating sinus symptoms

Steam breathing is another time tested method to mitigate the symptoms of sinus. Just take a medium bowl filled with adequately warm water, hold it very near to your nose and breathe deeply in such a way to intake the steam. Repeat it several times until the water retains its warmth and then discard the water. Repeating it 5-6 times a day should bring you some good results in a reasonable time. Likewise, you can also take a hot shower 3 times a day (depending upon the mercury levels, in winters once or twice should be enough). It is also known to help in reducing sinus symptoms. If you are struggling with the pain caused due to sinus, then you can also dab a clean fluffy towel inside warm water and put it on your face for some time. Now take another towel and wet it with cold (not very cold) water. Place it on your face. Take turns several times. Repeat this thrice a day and you can expect some relief from this pain.

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Specific medications for relieving the pain

To relieve the pain you can consider taking relevant medications like pain-reducing agents, antihistamines, and decongestants. It is recommended to avoid giving such medication to small children. Even adults should take these medications only after a thorough consultation with your family doctor who can recommend you the most relevant medicine and the ideal dosage that aligns with the specific cause behind your sinus issue and does not disturb your allergic profile. For children, you can opt for nasal suction that prevents ling irritation and also helps in running the nose.

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Making strategic changes in your ambient environment

Specific environmental factors also lead to worsening of the sinus. The smoke of tobacco or dry air for instance can irritate the mucus membranes and increase sinus symptoms. So avoid such places. For the same reason, you should also avoid chlorinated water. Likewise, congestion may worsen the situation. So switching on a vaporizer or humidifier in your room is recommended.

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Being well-prepared before the onset of Sinus symptoms

Identifying the sinus-triggers allows you to prepare well before the onset of the sinus. If a specific season prompts the sinus symptoms then you can pre-schedule your sinus relieving methods/medications like antihistamine administering sessions well before that season to make yourself less prone to the sinus symptoms. It may not fully save you from sinus but can minimize its severity thus making it more manageable.

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Reducing inflammation by consuming vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known to efficiently reduce sinus infection and mitigate sinus-caused inflammation. It is also effective in reducing the symptoms of a cold. So consuming a good quantity of vitamin C is another proven way to get some relief in sinus conditions.

Wrapping Up

Generally the Sinus symptoms should go away within 15 days of home remedies. However, if they don’t then it is highly recommended to visit a doctor. Also, you should use your discretion to decide if you may try the home remedies or directly visit a doctor. For instance, if you have a history of severe sinuses that need medical intervention then it is recommended to directly see your doctor instead of taking any chances.



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