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5 ideal way to fight winter blues like a pro


During the winter the days become shorter while the length of nigh increases. The shortage of sunlight also causes winter blues. Moreover, it is the weather that brings many ailments like influenza. There are different home remedies and tips that can help you keep yourself away from this pneumonia and viral here are a few ways to be shielded from the infectious that is caused during inters.

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Intake adequate quantity of Vitamin D

According to research having an adequate daily amount of Vitamin D3 can significantly help in cutting down the probabilities of having an infection in the upper respiratory system. O an average you would need to have around 10000 IU every week. Vitamin D has long been regarded by the medical fraternity as a potent solution to keep the colds away.

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Avoid touching your face

 In an interesting study, it was found that frequently touching the nose and eyes can hike your probabilities of catching infections especially in the upper respiratory system. So it is best to avoid touching your nose or eyes as much as possible. Many people have the queer habit of touching the nose as a part of their body language while others keep on cleaning their eyes now and then, usually with the index finger thinking that the dirt might have accumulated in the corner. This way you don’t clean the eye but load it with many bacteria that stick to your fingers.

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Take probiotics

The people who daily eat the sufficient quantity of probiotics can lower down the risk of being infected with cold and flu viruses. In a study, it was found that it can help in lowering the probability of the risk by 27%. So try incorporating the probiotics in your daily meals by consuming food items like Greek yogurt. You can also consider taking probiotic supplements. 

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Meditate on a regular basis

While it comes as a surprise, meditation can play a prime role in making you remain physically fit and fine during winters. I one study it was found that the people who meditated daily opted for 76% fewer sick day leaves than the ones who did not practice meditation. Meditation boosts our focusing capabilities and also enhances our calmness. It also helps in lowering stress levels. The stress boosts your probabilities of catching infections or affecting your physical health in winters. The meditation keeps stress at bay and helps you enjoy a healthy profile throughout the winter.

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Replace regular tea with green tea

 One of the strong ways to overcome the possibilities of viruses and infections is to destroy the virus causing particles in your system. An easy way to do it is to replace your typical tea with green tea. The green tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) specific catechin that damages particles of the influenza virus and also crates a boundary around your system to keep thus keeping nasty particles away. It is also believed to possess qualities to keep pneumonia-causing bacteria away from your body. So drinking green tea can help you remain protected from such winter-specific influenzas etc.



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