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7 ways meditation can change your life for better


Meditation has acquired worldwide popularity due to the numerous benefits it offers. Right from Hollywood celebrities to athletes, meditation has been practiced at a wider level by both classes and masses. There are many benefits of mediation including positive mood, improved sleep, self-discipline, composed mind, and an ability to ward off negative feelings. It may also help in increasing physical endurance capabilities. In this article we will explain how meditation can help you live a better life:

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How can meditation improve life quality?

Meditation trains us to establish a natural harmony with our mind, body, thoughts, and surroundings. It allows you to enjoy life, improve your habits, feeling contented, and expanding your empathy towards other beings. It helps in enhancing the focus, increasing happiness, sharpening memory, and gaining a good amount of self-control.

As a result, you can expect to perform well in your studies, work, and school.

How frequently you should meditate?

In order to realize the bens benefits of meditation, it is advisable to meditate every day. It might look a bit difficult in the beginning but as you would progress under the practical guidance of a competent trainer, your mind will gain enough strength to meditate for long hours.

In fact, you will start enjoying meditation. Depending upon your mental health and inclination/convenience 1-2 hours of meditation is required to realize significant benefits.

How meditations can improve your brain?

The gray matter found in our brain determines the emotional stability, positivity, and focus. Meditation can help in increasing the volume of gray matter in two key areas of the brain hippocampus and frontal area.

Here are some of the significant benefits of meditation:

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Reduces Stress

 Our modern lifestyle makes us easily get stressed. Activities like reading books can help to some extent in relieving stress. However, you need internal mental strength to keep stress at a bay. Meditation precisely does that. It trains your mind to remain composed in fluctuating situations and thus makes it naturally stress-free.

 Stress not only impacts the brain but also facilitates the production of cytokines – the harmful chemicals that promote inflammation.

 It can have many adversary effects on the body and mind like fatigue, disturbed sleep, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even depression.

 Some controlled studies have found that regular practice of specific types of meditation helps in lowering down the stress-induced inflammations.

 There have been several types of research proving that the effect of meditation of stressed individuals is significantly higher but it also helps the healthy people to keep stress at bay.

Along with attacking the stress meditation also helps in eradicating the side effects and related symptoms caused by it like irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

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Controls Anxiety

 Anxiety when increased to extreme conditions can result in various disorders including but not limited to paranoid thoughts, phobias, and even obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

 Meditation helps in managing anxiety levels and restricting them from increasing to chronic levels. Along with reducing the anxiety in individuals some studies also found that continuing meditation allows participants to reduce the anxiety levels for a longer span of time. So it is important to practice a regular routine of meditation if you wish to enjoy sustainable benefits.

 When combined with yoga the meditation can also help individuals to overcome the physicals issues caused due to anxiety. However, for that, you need to consult with the yoga teacher to know about them specifically suitable postures depending upon specific stress-related physicals issues you re facing.

 In an interesting study, it has been found that even the health professionals can be able to deliver better services by incorporating mediation in their daily routine. In this study, the nurses were able to render better services after the started practicing meditation.

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Improves emotional health

 Specific meditation forms may enable individuals to gain a positive outlook and enjoy their life to the fullest. It also helps in improving their self-image and experience a better level of self-respect which invariably enhances the quality of life.

 When you practice meditation over a stretch of several years it assures you long term reduction in depression.

 When you get stressed, the system releases specific types of chemicals named cytokines. They directly influence your mood. It is one of the major causes of stress-induced depression. Meditation helps in lowering the levels of cytokines and thus reduces depression.

 For better surety the brains of people who meditated were compared to this that didn’t. The former group was found to have a more positive and optimistic overview of life. It means that regular meditation practice helps in making you feel positive, energetic, and vivacious- something that improves different personal and professional facets of your life.

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Increases self awareness

 One of the major issues of mental disturbance is lack of our understanding of our own selves. Specific meditation techniques are based on this concept- gaining clear knowledge about you. It helps you align your objectives, efforts, and even work with your real personality which plays a vital role in saving you from stress.

 It also reduces the selfish feelings by making you understand how exactly you are correlated to other beings. Thus you develop a harmonious outlook which reduces clashes, negative thoughts, and frustration. Self-inquiry meditation is one such option.

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Removes feeling of loneliness

 By making you feel in harmony with yourself, the meditation also helps you to get rid of loneliness something that is the major cause of stress especially in shy and elderly people.

Remove Lonely feelings

 Regular meditation also helps you to develop a creative outlook to the challenges and find innovative solutions by exercising best potentials o for the mind.

Improves attention

 Meditation also trains your brain to widen the attention span without any distraction or interruption. As a result, you are able to focus well on your task that improves your productivity levels. 

 Some type of meditation like mindfulness meditation not only helps in maintaining the attention but also empowers it to return to the original source even amidst distractions.

 The controlled studies show that the professionals who meditate on a daily basis are able to deliver better performance.

 In a study on HR professionals it was found that along with enhanced performance the people who practiced mindfulness meditation were also able to remember maximum task-related details

 The meditation is also found to train the mind to reverse the harmful mental patterns that promote attention spoilers like worrying, poor attention, or wandering thoughts. 

 The best thing is that the studies establish that even a 4-5 day routine of mediations helps in widening the attention span.

Can help in decreasing probabilities of age-related Memory Loss

 With age the clarity of thoughts and attention span is disturbed. It happens due to the aging of the brain. Meditation helps keep it younger for longer and thus saves you from these issues.

 One of the techniques called Kirtan Kriya blends the repetitive finger motion synchronize with chanting which helps in concentrating your thoughts. In a study, this technique is found to reduce memory loss in elderly people.

 There is another type so meditation that enhances memory, attention, and mental agility.


Meditation is widely practiced across many countries of the world. As people are realizing its sustainable benefits for the brain, more and more of them are incorporating meditation in their daily routine. It helps in improving mental health, enhances clarity, and increase positive feelings. As a result, you are able to live a healthier, fuller life.



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