9 quick start tips to prepare your face to face the challenges of winter


Some people enjoy basking in the afternoon sun during winters while others start reverse-counting the days- eagerly waiting for an active, energetic and bright summer season when they won’t have to struggle with winter blues, anymore. No matter which category you belong to, you cannot escape the seasons’ effect on your skin. Especially, the skin of our face is more sensitive than other parts and hence it needs special care. There are some smart and reliable ways to protect and repair your face skin during winters. By routinely following these solutions you can keep your skin out of damage’s way:

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Make your skin strong from the inside with the right diet

 Along with topical care of your skin it is also important to make it healthy from inside by consuming the right types of food. Vitamins like A, C, and E keep your skin healthy from the inside. Also, consume a sufficient quantity of foods that promote your body’s sebum production.  Some foods that boost sebum production in your system include:

·         Papaya

·         Gooseberry

·         Pineapple

·         Banana

·         Avocado

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Use winter-specific facewash

If you feel a tighter, dryer face even after applying a face mask regularly then most probably your face wash is not suitable for winter weather. Try replacing the conventional face wash with winter-specific facewash with additional moisturizing qualities, milder composition, and soothing cleansing properties that regulate skin’s pH levels. Using pH strips will give you a precise idea if the product is fit for your specific skin requirements or not.

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Cleanse your face thoroughly with a heavy moisturizer

 Different weathers have different effects on our skin and you need to change the skincare routine and products accordingly. A conventional gel is fine for summer months but in winter your skin needs more moisture. If your skin loses its normal suppleness and becomes tighter, it is the sign to switch to a cream-based moisturizer that works longer and provides more moisture to your skin thus protecting it from irritation.

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Replenish moisture levels in humid areas

 Humidity in closed spaces is not uncommon during winters, especially in flats. It can also affect the moisture retention capacity of your skin thus making them dry. With the help of an air humidifier, you can easily ventilate such spaces and make your skin breathe easily, and enhance its moisture-retention capabilities.

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Routinely exfoliate your skin

 Winter also affects the blood flow which eventually hurts the delicate layer of your skin. To regulate blood flow under your skin exfoliates it properly at least twice a week. With gentle circular motions and just the right amount of pressure, you can revitalize your skin and bring back its original moisture content. Many people apply too much pressure or even start scrubbing the skin expecting that it would further improve their blood flow. Far from it, this detrimental action can damage the protective layer of your skin and do more harm than good. It is the session duration that matters. So, schedule the time when you are free so that you can exfoliate your skin for sufficient time and will full attention. Also, people with specific dermatological issues need to consult skin specialists or their family physicians to decide if or not it’s safe to exfoliate their skin. After a few weeks, you can notice a subtle healthy shine and suppleness in your skin.  

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Avoid Washing Your Face frequently

Many people have the notion that frequently washing their face keeps the skin hydrated. The reality however is that it can steal its moisture. When you wash your skin with plenty of water it quickly evaporates after some time and during the process, it also takes away the natural skin oils of your skin. Thus it results in drier skin. For the best results, it is best to limit your cleansing sessions to 2 times a day.

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Use modestly hot water for bath

 Nothing feels more soothing during winters than bathing with hot water. It seems to infuse heat deep into your skin, opening its pores and offering a comforting touch. The reality however is that this temporary comfort comes at a higher cost. Did you know that taking a hot shower for a long time and under very high temperatures can deplete the essential oils of your skin? You should especially be alarmed if you notice the skin turning red just after taking the shower. As per medicinal advice, the ideal levels of temperature should be well below 110 degrees.

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Save your skins from allergens

 Heavy chemicals and irritants can prompt allergic conditions. So it is best to use soaps and cleansing products with mild substances that don’t contain parabens or sulfates. For more specific details you can consider checking with your dermatologist. People with very sensitive skin should consider using only medicinal cleansing products as prescribed by their doctors/dermatologists.

Not taking proper care of your allergic skin during winter can lead to dermatological issues that are even more painful during winter season like, rashes, psoriasis and dermatitis among others.

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Avoid Brandy or Rum shield against cold

Many people have the notion that consuming brandy and other alcoholic drinks can keep you warm during winters. Some people also use it as a pretext to validate their hot drinks-cravings. The reality however is that alcohol makes your system lose heat due to blood vessel dilation.

 It also damages your skin by lowering down its moisture content that eventually causes dry skin. Consuming high amounts of alcohol during winter is especially bad for more sensitive and delicate skin (like that of your face) and in high severity instances, it may also lead to frostbite.


For keeping your skin healthy this winter, you need to adopt some time-tested and scientific ways to protect your skin from cold’s effects and strengthen it from the inside. Also, remember that it is not possible to provide cent percent protection to your ski against winter. So, it is equally important to reverse the winter effects by optimizing your skincare routine during winters.



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