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A complete day’s meal plan for losing those extra kilos (with low fat recipes)


Food plays a vital role in building and strengthening our body. It is the powerhouse of proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients that fuel our body. The quantity, quality and variety of food determine our physical body shape as well as regulating the internal organs to function well. Wrong diet habits, unhealthy food items and excess/shortage of necessary compounds can lead to various health issues including weight gain or obesity. This is the topic of our guide that you are about to read. It will provide you a full day meal plan for losing weight

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Introduction: Role of diet management in your weight loss plan

One of the major issues with overweight people is that they find it really tricky to lose the extra kilos and inches. Some of them try some random weight loss exercises while others start starving themselves which does more harm than good. What they need is to adopt healthy eating habits by replacing junk food with healthy options and eating low fat food items.

While many guides suggest you different diet plans to reduce overweight what you need is the specific food ideas and recipes that will satisfy your cravings for taste without increasing your weight. So, we have compiled this guide including the healthy meal schedules, tips and detailed recipes of low fat food that tastes awesome. It contains different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help you manage the entire food plan for the whole day:

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Occasionally eating a doughnut and potato chips is fine while watching your favourite movie but it is a big No-No if you are following weight loss plan. Never have these fatty snacks for your main meals- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Better go for some serious foods that can provide you energy, nutrients and vitamins- and more importantly help you feel full. 

·         Vegetable Soups: Vegetable soups are super easy to prepare, feels light on stomach and taste superb. Besides, vegetables have a whole lot of variety to enjoy a different soup every day of the week. If soup alone does not satisfy your breakfast craving then consider adding quinoa, whole grain bread or brown rice.

·         Whole Grain Pasta: This pasta tastes great and satisfies your hunger without adding to your inches. Add some potato, tofu or other low-fat vegetable of your choice. Pour pasta sauce with low/zero fat. You may go for tomato flavour to make it taste tangy. Consider adding some cauliflower for an extra taste.

·         Grains: Cook your favourite grains- brown rice, quinoa, or any other. Add some starch free vegetables on the top and spread a few layers of low fat plain yogurt on the top. It tastes simply awesome. 

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Typically a person works at his best till the mid-day. By that time much of his energy is used up and he feels an almost immediate urge to regain the energy by eating some food and replenish the burned calories. Here are some fat free or low fat recipes for the lunch:


The name is a bit of tongue twister but the dish is excellent for your taste buds. Ratatouille- a French vegetable stew is cooked interestingly. You cook it in a ceramic slow cooker low the heat and then allow it to stew for whole day long. It thus ensures that all the vegetables are finely cooked to the core and the stew comes out extremely well.

·         Take four ripe big tomatoes and dice them

·         Put it into the pot

·         Add some of your favourite vegetables (mainly seasonal) like eggplant, onion, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and carrots after properly chopping them

·         Crush some fresh garlic and add it to the pot

·         Now add some salt and pepper to bring out the flavour

·         Enjoy it raw or with a lightly baked whole meal bread

While you can add different combination of vegetables, it is best to check their fat and other nutrition value. Also make sure that the flavours should blend well with one another without giving out a weird taste. It is also advisable to purchase fresh seasonal vegetables right from your local farmers market instead of buying frozen or canned vegetables.

Almond butter Tofu

If you are worried about those additional inches around your waist then you can try eating almonds. A study proved that eating just around 1.5 ounce almond every day can help you reduce some of those extra inches along your belly and waist- especially when you use it as a substitute to replace unhealthy snacks with high crab value.

Almond butter tofu is an awesome recipe that is high on taste and low on fat


·         Soy sauce (1 Tbsp)

·         Almond butter (1 Tbsp)

·         Minced garlic (1/2 teaspoon)

·         Thin slices of firm tofu (4 oz)

·         Silvered snow peas (1 Cup)

·         Sesame seeds (1/2 teaspoon)

·         Scandinavian crisp bread crackers (2)


·         Properly whisk garlic, almond butter and the soy sauce

·         Add some snow peas and Tofu to it

·         Spread it on large crackers and sprinkle some sesame seeds over it

·         If you like spread some on whole meal bread as well

·         Enjoy it hot

Miso Soup

Along with being low on fat Miso is also rich in immunity boosting properties. It also supplies all the essential amino acids to your body to appropriately satisfy you daily vitamin need. Moreover it also contains a decent amount of magnesium. Zinc, calcium and iron. Thus, it not only prevents you from gaining fat but also provides you more protein and energy to help you increase your workout sessions

Miso Soup: Miso is quite popular in Japan but is available in other countries as well. The nearest substitute to Miso is boiled Soyabean granules.


·         4 Tsp low fat vegetable oil

·         6 finely chopped Spring onions

·         2 pieces of Ginger

·         2 cloves of finely chopped Garlic

·         2 tbsp White miso

·         ½ Kg of small chopped pieces of Sweet potatoes

·         750 ml Vegetable stock

·         2 handfuls of well shredded kale


·          Cook half quantity of sprig onions in 2 tsp oil in a pan for around 10 minutes

·         Once it is sufficiently soft add all the vegetables along with 1 tbsp of miso

·         Allow the ingredients to simmer for around half an hour with the lid closed

·         Using stick blender whiz it well and season it. Make sure that it is sufficiently smooth

·          Add ginger onion and garlic in a fry pen and heat it with 2 tbsp oil for around 3-5 minutes. Now add the kale and some water after reducing the heat

·         Cook for another 3 minutes and then add the remaining miso and season it well

·         Add miso kale on to the soup before serving,

Avocado Toast

Along with keeping you fat free the Avocado also saves you from other issues like diabetes, heart disease high BP and specific cardiovascular issues. Besides, it directly influences the leptin a type of hunger generating hormone. They are also high in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants.


·         Whole Wheat bread (2 slices)

·         Half piece of a big, mashed avocado

·         Tomato (3 slices)

·         Grated Parmesan cheese (One fourth cup

·         Mixed salad greens (1 cup)

·         Balsamic vinegar (2 table spoons)

·         Medium ripe pear (1)


·         Take a slice of bread and spread some avocado over it. Sprinkle a little cheese and add the tomatoes. Toast the bread for around 6 minutes or until the cheese melts.

·          Now add spinach over the melt cheese

·         Pour a modest quantity of vinegar and then cover with the remaining slice of toasted bread.

·         Eat it before it gets cold. You may consider enjoying it over a cup of coffee.

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While you work your best till afternoon, generally the energy levels tend to gradually keep lowering. By the evening you start feeling exhausted and the work capacity is reduced. So, when you close your day and return to your home, you start feeling hungry. However, one thing to remember is that you won’t be doing any physically demanding work in the night. So it is best to keep your night meals light and digestible. Here are a few right options/recipes for your ideal dinner:

Squash Soup

·         Take some squash and bake it well until it becomes softer from inside

·         Now dice it and blend with low/zero fat fresh milk

·         Add some spices to your liking. The idea is not to make it spicy but just break open the flavour. It is best to just add little salt but you may add some oregano or other spice if you like

·         Eat it piping hot

You can replace Squash with other similar options as well like zucchini, sweet potato or turnips. However, there are specific reasons for preferring Squash over others.

·         Squash contains decent to rich amounts of vitamins (B, B6 and C), folic acid, and niacin

·         Being a good source of dietary fiber, Squash soup also regulates your metabolism and allows you to absorb maximum nutrition

·         Due to specific compounds in Squash it also plays a vital role in promoting cell growth

Healthy Salad Mix

 During the night your body needs comparatively smaller portions of food. If you are especially looking for something very light then you can try enjoying mixed salad- with a little twist.

·         Take a mix of different low fat vegetable and fruit ingredients whose flavours can seamlessly blend with one another

·         If you feel puzzled then here are some options that you can try- lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, apples, and red cabbage

·         Wash and chop all these vegetables and fruits

·         Mix them well and top with a fine layer of low fat yogurt

·         You may also consider adding some zero fat butter to add an appealing greasy shine

·         Put it in a bowl and enjoy a healthy and satisfying salad meal

Tip: If it seems too light to satisfy your hunger then you can spread the salad mix on fat-free crackers

Vegetable Skewer, Paprika, Tomato

Other eating tips to lose your weight

  1. Avoid starchy vegetables as it can act as a barrier to your weight loss program, what you need is vitamin and fibre
  2. Try incorporating vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and celery, and fresh mushrooms (not canned ones). All these vegetables are good in fibre and also help you feel filled for long so you should not feel the unnecessary cravings
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of proteins. Especially if you need to workout and eating a modest quantity of food then it is highly recommended to include food items like nuts, beans, and tofu and dairy products in your daily meal plan
  4. Low fat diet doesn’t have to be too light on the stomach as it will rather increase your hunger instead of satisfying it. You can include fruits, legumes and whole grains to feed your stomach well so that it should not be compelled to carve for more food after completing the main meal
  5. Healthy fats and fair amount of calories is important but you need to balance it with lower calorie options to maintain right levels of hunger.
  6. Prepare fixed timetable of meals. Some people are more comfortable having a sufficient gap between each meal while others need to feed themselves frequently. Schedule your meal plan accordingly. In the latter case you can consider increasing your meals but at the same time proportionally decrease the portion size.


Losing your weight requires a good amount of efforts and some tough decision. One such decision is to limit the variety and portion of you food. For some people this is the hardest part of a weight los plan. While it is true that you need to sacrifice you favourite snacks and restaurant food, it does promise you some great rewards like chiselled figure, physical agility, flexible movements and an enhanced appearance. In this guide we presented some of the recipes that will help you lose your weight without heavily compromising on your taste preferences. With these recipes and ideas you would be able to prepare food that is decently delicious and also helps you feel full without increasing your calories.



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