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Eat these 5 foods to destroy harmful free radicals in your body


The built up of free radicals in the blood can cause oxidative stress that exposes a person’s body to various diseases and boosts the aging process. So, we constantly need to destroy these free radicals. Antioxidants are the weapons that can fight oxidative stress by destroying free radicals.

There are specific foods that are rich in these antioxidants. By consuming ideal quantity of these foods on a daily basis you can save your body from premature aging and enjoy a good, disease-free life. In this blog we are going to mention some of the ideal foods that are rich in body friendly antioxidants:

Soybeans, Beans, Soy, Food, Grains


Soybeans are the good sources of a phytoestrogen type called isoflavones. Along with good antioxidant capabilities phytoestrogen also possesses anti microbial and anti inflammatory qualities. Collectively all these vital nutrients reduce inflammation while reducing the population of body damaging pathogens. It also helps in preserving your age by preventing body cells from aging.

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Goji berries

In Chinese medicine culture the goji berries have been used since medieval times. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Additionally these berries also posses other healthy elements like lutenin, beta carotene, lycopene and many key amino acids.

High oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) is another remarkable quality of goji berries which allows it to build a strong protective wall around our body and fortify it from within to save it from the effects of free radical activity. Eating fresh Goji berries is a better way to consume it but as its farming is limited to a few regions, you are most likely to find it in dried packaged forms on the aisles of health shops.  

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Citrus foods

Citrus foods are rich reservoir of many antioxidant elements including vitamin C. flavonoids etc. The best thing is that they are easily found the vegetable shops or in supermarkets and most of them are available at affordable prices. Making them a part of your daily diet is equally easy as you can eat them before, after or even during you meals. Lime, for instance, can be squeezed over your salad or the vegetable gravy.

Likewise, orange- another type of citrus fruits can be consumed after your meals. The citrus fruits fight oxidative stress and safeguard your body from premature aging effects. You may also consider drinking a glassful of citrus fruit juices after the food as it also aid digestion process.

However, keep in mind that most of the branded citrus fruits juices available in supermarkets are loaded with preservatives, sugars etc. which can be harmful to your body. So it is best to prepare your own citrus juice at home in a blender.

Cauliflower, Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables

 Cruciferous vegetables like radish, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower help minimizing the biological impact of aging on your skin. Being enriched with many nutrients and ant inflammatory properties, the cruciferous vegetables play a vital role in regulating the overall health of your system.

 Most of the cruciferous vegetables are good in vitamin K and C. Moreover as good sources of dietary fibre they also accelerate the metabolism process and aids in blood glucose management. The best thing is that there are various palatable ways in which you can add cruciferous vegetable sin your daily diet plan.

Sweet Pepper, Bell Pepper, Salad, Food

Orange/bright colored vegetables

 The bright orange colored vegetables including bell peppers, carrots or sweet potatoes possess a high volume of lycopene, carotenoids and flavonoids including lutein. These powerful elements work in tandem to force out the free radicals from you body and minimize the damage. Thus these vegetables can help vital parts of your body like skin, eyes and vital internal organs. For last many centuries carrots have been consumed across the world to improve the vision capabilities. Due to the carotenoid they contain carrots help in sharpen your vision while also enhancing the skin health.

 Moreover, the blend of these antioxidants also helps in assisting your immune system functions. So, seriously think about incorporating such bright colored vegetables in your diet. A word of caution though, Make sure that you purchase the fresh vegetables only and it is better to go for the organic, for ones instead of the buying the imported or frozen, packaged vegetables.

Other lifestyle and dietary tips to keep free radicals away

Don’t reuse cooking

One of the major domestic “savings hacks” is to store the used cooking oil and reuse it the next day. It seems to save some good amount but in the long run it harms your body cells. Actually the oil when heated up start oxidising that results in production of free radicals. Foods cooked with such reused oils add those free radicals to your body.

Eat foods that are rich in flavonoids

Flavonoids protect you against free radicals and the god thing is that there are a number of different palatable vegetables, fruits and dairy products that contain an impressive inventory of flavonoids. It means that you can remain free from antioxidants while enjoying a versatile and appealing meals schedule. Some of the best sources of foods are milk, lettuce, turnip grass, berries, onions, Tofu, miso, pears, soybeans, cherries, plums and eggplant. Here you would also notice that even the vegetarians, vegans or lacto-allergic people have some or the other option to intake flavonoids without compromising with their diet commitment or health.

Increase intake of fruits

Try to include the foods that contain multiple antioxidant properties and compounds. It will equip you with even stronger capabilities to combat free radicals and keep your body safe against their nasty cell-damaging activities. Some of the super foods that are rich in a diverse inventory of antioxidants include figs, raisins, beets, dark chocolate, pomegranates, oranges, etc. These foods are generally available easily in different countries. However there are many more super foods in antioxidant category and with some research you can easily make a list of such foods and then incorporate some of them in your daily meal plan depending upon your preferences and convenience.

Eat 2 cups of tea daily

Tea is another great source of antioxidants. Being rich in polyphenols tea can easily combat the free radicals and stunt the harmful process of oxidation. For the best benefits try drinking two cups of tea in the entire day during morning and evening respectively. Due to minimum processing the green tea retains most of its antioxidants and as compared o other teas it is more powerful when it comes to fighting the free radicals.

Add antioxidant herbs and spices to your food

Herbal therapy is another powerful way to keep your body safe from free radicals that can do serious damage to the body. In fact the generally available herbs and spices that we regularly use in the daily foods also pack a decent inventory of antioxidants to combat the free radicals and drive them away. Such herbs include ginger, turmeric, rosemary and grapeseed extract. You can try to incorporate the meals where these spices can naturally be used in preparation. Not only will it provide you nutritional benefit but will also enhance the overall taste profile of your food.

Lower down the alcohol consumption

Research suggests that increasing the alcohol consumption can boost the activity of free radicals and thus multiply its harmful effects. Each time while enjoying a few drinks you actually boost the harmful corrosive process that damage your cells and hurt various organs. So one of the best ways to subdue and stop the free radical activity in your body is to lower down your drinking frequency and volume.

Increase the amount of vegetables

Some other “soldiers” that can confidently drive away the free radicals include beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene. By incorporating the foods rich in these compounds you can prevent your self against the free radicals and their harmful effects on different parts of the body. These substances are found in decent volume in foods like carrots, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, broccoli, corn, mango and tomato.

Try to stop consuming processed and red meat

Iron content of the red meat keeps you at a more disadvantageous position during oxidation process. Besides the processed meat that is conveniently enjoyed by the people like sausages, salami, etc. contain a very high volume of preservatives to prevent them from spoiling. These preservatives protect the processed meat but harm your health by manufacturing free radicals inside your body. Eating these meats thus results in increasing the population and boosting effects of your body’s enemy – free radicals.


In order to enjoy a good health it is very important to keep your body young and disease-free. Researchers have found out that one of the best ways to achieve best health and extend your youth is to incorporate foods that are rich in anti-oxidants that can destroy the body-damaging free radicals. The list of ideal antioxidants foods you just read in this article can help you to wisely plan your meals to meet your daily requirements of antioxidants.




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