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Everything You Need to Know About the Sex Drive


Sex is the basic need of a person’s body and mind. But, if a person keeps thinking only about sexual needs at all times, then it can be a problem. There are many beliefs and misconceptions about sex in society. From dating apps like Tinder to honeymoon destinations, it sometimes feels like we live in a society that is focused solely on sex, so it is perfectly normal to talk about a person’s sexual desire. Especially when a person’s sex drive is above average and those needs are not being met. That is why you need to know about high sex drive. Here you’ll find information about problems and ways to get rid of them. 

What is a Normal Sex Drive?

Every year scientists, PR companies, and many media institutions publish sex surveys. The purpose of these sex surveys is to know what an average person thinks, does, and feels during sex.

In the absence of solid criteria, we often compare our personal sex drive with the rest of the people. The rest of these people come with the people we sleep with, discuss sex with, or about whom we like to read and know.

sex drive

But sexual desire is on a spectrum, which simply means that when it comes to your sex drive, nothing is normal. Apart from this, it also does not matter how often you want to have sex.

When Does High Sex Drive Become a Problem?

Having too much desire to have sex is not really a problem until it began to dominate thinking. If your sex drive is high and you are able to control your sexual desire, then you can enjoy it. But having too much desire for sex becomes a problem and it happens when you start experiencing some of the following. 

sex drive

  • Do not get satisfaction even after a lot of sex or masturbation.
  • Do not get the desired amount or type of sex.
  • You have to be embarrassed because of fantasy or a problem.
  • One has to constantly sacrifice work, society, or sleep for sex.
  • After too much sex or masturbation, the genital area becomes inflamed.
  • Realize that due to the craze of sexual satisfaction, you are not able to make a relationship.

A person suffering from uncontrolled sexual desires can also become a problem for those around him. A person may feel that he or she is completely fine, but this may be the reason for fear for your boss, partner or friends, that he/she is spending so much time thinking about or doing sex. There can be two reasons for this situation. First, people either don’t understand that person. Secondly, either man himself has failed to understand his attitude towards sex.

What are the Causes of High Sex Drive?

It is common to increase sexual desire in new age people due to hormone changes. But if you are over the age of 30, then there are many factors that affect your sex drive. Many times the desire to have sex can also be due to medical problems or the use of certain medicines. These mainly include medicines consumed for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Except this, some medicines that are taken for brain injury, mania, hormonal imbalance, or thyroid also included.

If there is a sudden change in your desire to have sex, it is better to consult a doctor immediately instead of feeling happy about it. Other possible psychological and social causes include sorrow, stress, anxiety and depression, unresolved trauma (sexual or other). Other causes are the following.

  • Experiencing embarrassment about sexual choice, experience, or body formation.
  • Lack of satisfaction and/or lack of control over one’s life.
  • Being observant about love, sex, and intimacy.
  • Lack of self-esteem or social anxiety.
  • To be all or nothing thinking.
  • Not being able to tolerate bad times or empty sitting times.
  • Not understanding someone’s feelings correctly.
  • Have a relationship with someone who wants to have less sex.

How to Reduce High Sex Drive?

If excessive sexual desire is a cause for concern, then you can adopt the following measures. 

  1. Talk About It:

Whatever the reasons are, if you are not satisfied with your sex life, then talk about it. Through talking therapy, you will be able to easily tell about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This will help in understanding and explaining sex, love, relationship, and many things related to it.

high sex drive

  1. Interrupt Your Urges:

Some people are very restless with sex. They are so restless that they can masturbate in the office bathroom or even go to the sex worker. But some people do not have this level of discomfort. Their sexual desire is of this level as much as the desire to eat cake or smoke cigarettes. If you turn the mind in some other direction, then this desire comes out of the mind and thoughts. The positive use of this energy can also be used to improve work and life.

sex drive

  1. Channel Your Energy:

Some people experience great relief, joy, and pride by applying their sexual energy in other directions. For this, you can do something creative, physical, exciting, or spiritual. Most people follow long-distance running, dancing, learning guitar, making DIY things, cooking, yoga, and tantra.

  1. Practice Brahmacharya Yoga:

Brahmacharya is also called the Concept of Celibacy in English. It is part of thousands of years old yoga tradition of India. It can also be used in a modern lifestyle. It is an art of collecting energy by adopting sobriety and using it in the development of vitality. Along with this yoga, the use of mudra and mantra will also be required. If you try this mudra and mantra with posture, then high sex drive can be controlled.


Sex drive is a spectrum so it is not necessary that each person have the same feeling about sex. There can be many reasons for having high or low sex drive. Medication, age, food, and chronic conditions all can affect your sex life. You can balance it through some exercise, sex therapy, and getting enough sleep.


Kiran Sharma

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