Foods that you shouldn’t give your kids this winter


Most of us feel a bit low during the winter seasons especially on the days when the temperature is too low. However, there’s nothing like winter blues for children. They remain playful and active the whole day long. We can also notice significant changes in their food habits during winters like consuming more snacks, craving for candies and dairy products, etc. You need to use your discretion here as overeating certain types of foods can make them prone to winter-related diseases. In this post we will mention some of the foods that you should best avoid giving to your kids (or at least minimize their quantity) this winter:

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Sugar-rich foods should be avoided 

Viral infections are quite common during winters and children are more likely to be affected. One of the best ways to save your children from these infections is to avoid giving them sugar-rich food items or at least set a specific modest threshold to avoid overconsumption. Eating a high amount of sugar can lower down white blood cells and thus reducing their ability to fight infections.

Some of the major foods that need to be avoided or significantly minimized during winters are Sodas, chemical beverages, candies, chocolate, cold drinks, and other processed foods.

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Avoid or limit the quantity of dairy products

 Milk may not be the first choice for kids but they do have a special liking towards other dairy products like chocolates, cheeses, butter, – and of course Ice cream. Did you know that these products are not good for your kids’ well-being during winters? The animal protein found in these foods hurt your child’s health. Especially during winters they also produce mucus and eventually cause congestion. However, you can give them a small amount of milk- say half a cup.

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Foods with Histamine content

Histamine facilitates the production and secretion of stomach acid. This is a good thing but it also causes mucus that interferes with the normal swallowing process. Moreover, it can also lead to running nose and the related ailments during the winter season.

Some of the foods that contain Histamine include:

·         Mayonnaise

·         Dried fruits

·         Mushrooms

·         Vinegar

·         Bananas

·         Spinach

·         Soy sauce

·         Pickles

Apart from that papaya, strawberries, smoked fish, yogurt and eggplant also contain histamine.

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Limit fried food cravings

Another major cause of increased mucus and saliva production is deep-fried food especially the ones that contain fats obtained from various animal products. This food makes the mucus thicker and also increases the saliva density.  

 As a result the kids can contract various winter-related ailments.


During winters it is not uncommon to notice some significant changes in the food habits of your kids. However, some of the food items may lead to winter-related diseases. For that, you need to take wise decisions while feeding your kids this winter. In this blog, we mentioned some of the foods that may not be the best fit for your kids during winters. Based on this post, readers can create a checklist of foods that should be avoided during this winter to keep their kids healthy.



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