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Herbal supplements to enjoy wholesome and sustainable health benefits


The consumption of dietary supplements has been constantly increasing as more and more people are becoming health conscious. It has been expected to touch a hyper figure of 210 billion dollars by the end of 2026.

Talking about herbal dietary supplements many people have been experiencing its benefits as it perfectly blends natural nutrients and convenient dosage in the form of capsules, pills, etc.

So, you can remain assured that you have consumed the specific unadulterated herbs in the right format and the ideal quantity required for realizing its benefits.

In this article we will read about some of the best benefits of dietary supplements for different aspects of our health. Before that let us know about some major questions regarding dietary supplements:

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What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements refer to various supplements in different formats (Capsules, oil, etc.) that have natural products like herbs, minerals, multivitamins, and amino acids.

How can I take dietary supplements?

You can take dietary supplements in the prescribed quantity just as medicines. Some of the popular forms of dietary supplements are tablets, capsules, tinctures, extracts, powders, oil, and gel.

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What is the difference between food supplements and dietary supplements?

Both of the terms are mistaken used interchangeably but technically there is a difference between these two terms. Let’s clarify it through definition and examples:

Food Supplements

Food supplements refer to the natural food which has a dietary ingredient that you consume for getting the additional nutritional value to your daily meal plan. It allows you to add health-promoting foods to fill the nutrition gaps in your diet.

Example: For instance, consuming a small bowl of unsalted boiled spinach in the middle of your meals to enhance digestion (and not primarily for enjoying the taste) is an example of a food supplement.

Dietary supplement

Dietary supplement products primarily refer to the extractions from the natural sources. For instance, the neem supplements contain the extract of neem leaves or roots; Ganoderma supplement contains the Ganoderma extract.

These extracts are generally packaged in the form of capsules, tablets, tinctures, or other easy to consume formats that can be prescribed. They have a precise quantity of extract and are generally taken in the prescribed dosage.

Can dietary supplements cure diseases just like medicines?

Dietary supplements do have good medicinal properties but they don’t work precisely the same way as medicines that are prescribed by your physician as the latter contains several chemicals that start functioning instantly as you take them. Compare them to tiny chemical robots that start working instantly.

Dietary supplements, on the other hand, strengthen the specific parts of your body from inside, making them capable enough to fight diseases. It is a gradual process and unlike prescribed medicines, you cannot expect quick results.

Example: For instance, if you need an immediate cure of a strong headache then take a conventional physician-prescribed pill. However, if you are looking for a chemical-free way to make your immune system stronger from inside over a time of several months then taking a dietary supplement like Ganoderma or neem supplement can be a good idea.

By now some of your initial questions regarding herbal supplements should have been clear. So, we can now mention some of the key benefits of dietary supplements:

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Healthy immune system to fight diseases

A healthy immune system allows you to confront many harmful, disease-causing germs. An herbal supplement contains the required quantity of vital nutrients that boost your immune system.

Moreover, as it contains the exact quantity of the extract and there are specific doses to be taken, you can remain assured that you are taking sufficient immunity-boosters to accelerate your disease-fighting capabilities.


For instance the Neem supplement contains the right amount of neem extract that helps in enhancing your immune system and at the same time offering anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits. Moreover, it is equally competent to purge impurities and toxic elements from your blood. Collectively it prepares your body from inside to fight the diseases with better efficiency.

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Reduces inflammation without any side effects

 The chemical-rich medicines available to relieve the joint pain, inflammation, or other related conditions can have side effects on your health over a period of time.

Herbal supplements, on the other hand, contain the measured quantity of pure extract that attack at the root cause of the issue and offer a sustainable relief with almost zero side effects- even if you use it for a long time.

Also as it attacks the root cause of the issue, it doesn’t relieve only the symptoms but also the root cause, i.e., the reasons behind inflammation.


For instance, Aloe Vera supplements are very effective in reducing inflammation. It is notable that unlike nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) they don’t expose you to the risk of gastrointestinal effects

Helps in reducing depression

 Depression is one of the major issues of modern society. Many people prefer not to see psychologists, especially during the initial stage. With time the problem worsens and may become more difficult to manage.

One thing to note here is that while many people do understand that they have some issues or disturbances managing the stress, they either don’t take things seriously or are not able to determine how to cope with it.

 Now various researches have found that some herbs do have antidepressant effects. So, along with other depression management methods, it is advisable to take such herb extracts in supplement form to manage depression more efficiently.

Such herbs have a calming effect on the brain that helps in reducing stress. There are a few other herbs that can be taken or applied as oil/essence or in aromatic therapy to relieve depression.


For instance Ganoderma has been used in Chinese traditional medicines to treat depression. Its has a positive effect on neurotransmission (noradrenergic/serotonergic) which can prompt a similar activity like antidepressant

Makes skin healthy from inside and glowing from outside

 Glowing and stain-free skin not only helps in enhancing your beauty appeal but is also a sign of good health. There are several skin care products in the market claiming instant 1-week effect but apart from being high on price, most of these products contain chemicals that harm your skin in the long run.

 Herbal supplements help you get a flawless complexion and smoother tighter skin through a natural and friendly process. They contain only pure natural extract without any sharp chemicals. Moreover, these supplements don’t just offer superficial brightness but help in making your skin glow from inside by nurturing the related cells and tissues. It ensures your sustainable benefits.

 Besides many herbs possess excellent antibacterial capabilities to efficiently fight skin harming bacteria while treating dermatological issues like acne and skin infections.

 Studies have also found herbs to be effective in cleaning freckles, dark spots, and other age-related marks. Some of the herbs are also effective in reversing the aging effects like wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.


Neem possesses strong anti-aging qualities. Neem possesses key fatty acids as well as skin-friendly vitamins that not only efface the fine lines and wrinkles but also enhance the skin elasticity.  Being rich in antioxidants it helps in safeguarding your skin from pollution and UV rays along with various other external skin-affecting factors.

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Improves mental health

 Herbs are equally effective in enhancing brain health as they are packed brain-friendly nutrients. Along with providing relief against specific brain diseases these herbs are also effective in accelerating its cognitive power.

Moreover, unlike chemical-based drugs these herbal supplements do not form a habit or expose an individual to side effects. It makes them safe to consume.


For instance, some types of medicinal mushrooms including Ganoderma are found to be effective on the mental health. They can have a positive impact on the nervous system as well.


Dietary supplements help your body to gain strength from inside thus assuring you the sustainable results. Unlike conventional chemical-based medicines, dietary supplements mainly consist of organic extracts, natural ingredients, and zero or minimal use of mild chemicals. When taken regularly, these supplements can gradually make your internal organs stronger and work on the root cause of specific issues.



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