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High Protein Diet Plan for Muscle Gain


Body-building is the physique developing act through diet & exercise. It is an activity which helps people in growing their muscle and anybody who engages in this process is referred to as a body-builder. Some people make body-building their career.

They train their body and take part in bodybuilding tips where they showcase their muscular body. Body-builder, who has the best muscle becomes the winner of the contest. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most body-builder in the world. Performance-enhancing drugs like steroids are used by bodybuilders, but these drugs are often banned as they are not healthy.

Diet Plan
In body-building individuals have different goals like losing fat, gaining muscle, maintain their current body shape, and athletic conditioning. Diet & exercise are both essential aspects of bodybuilding workouts. The correct amount of diet and training helps in acquiring the desired physique.

The food consumed by a human in a daily routine is said to be known as a diet plan and how this consumed food will affect our body is known as nutrition. Food is comprised of elements like fat, protein, & carbohydrate. These elements combined are known as micronutrients. These micronutrients provide energy & calories to our body.

There are several reasons including making a physical change to their body, self-confidence, get in shape, and many more for people to start body-building. To achieve desired goals, you need to find the right combination of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. So before starting your bodybuilding journey, you should know your body type and what end goals you want.
If you want to lose fat, you should follow a cutting diet.

This diet helps in maintaining muscle mass while cutting body fat. In this diet, intake of protein and carbohydrates is high. This diet is normally followed for two to four months. So through this diet, you can be as lean as possible. When you eat fewer calories and burn more then you will lose fat. The calories intake per day to lose fat depends on your height, weight, exercise levels, and gender. To maintain current weight, man needs around 2500 calories and women needs around 2000 calories.

If you lower your calories excessively, you have a risk of losing muscle which you don’t want. Your protein intake should be very high as it reduces your appetite and boosts your metabolism. Fat intake should be reduced, but not excessively as it can affect producing hormones.

To maintain muscle mass, carbohydrates play an essential role. It helps in boosting your performance during exercise. Apart from this, there are few things you should follow such as drink plenty of water, avoid liquid carbohydrates, and eat fiber rich fruits.

fiber rich food
If you want to gain muscle, your calorie intake should be high (beyond your BMR). If you don’t eat enough calories, you will lose existing muscle and convert your body’s fat & muscle into energy. When it comes to building muscle, consuming enough high-quality protein is essential. As per standards, your minimum protein intake should be 0.8 g for each kg of Human body weight. Protein from the plant is less effective for our body than protein from meat & fish.

Whey protein is also a better option especially for those who are intolerant to milk due to the casein available in milk. Whey protein is yielded from cheese production. It is a dietary supplement that is good for our body. Fat is a very essential nutrient in muscle building. Fish is a good option for healthy fat.

To fulfill your daily nutrition intake, you can consider the following grocery list:

• Protein: Egg, white or red meat, white or oily fish, yogurt, and protein powders.

• Fat: Avocados, butter, nuts, cheese, mayonnaise, and coconut oil.

• Fruits and Vegetables: Banana, green veggies, beans, and berries

• Starches: White or brown rice, potatoes, oats, pasta, quinoa, cereals, bread, wraps, and yams.

To build new muscle and your metabolism steady, you should fuel your body by taking multiple small meals throughout the day. As per standards, you should eat six times a day.

You should eat less packed food as they are highly processed and various chemicals are added for perseverance. Packed food is poor in nutrition and high-calorie foods. Avoid carbohydrate drinks as it damages your antioxidant defense system. Instead, you should drink plenty of water and healthy juices to boost your performance in the gym.

There are two types of carbs:
• Starchy Carbs: Starchy carbs should be eaten in the morning or after your workouts. Examples of starchy carbs are bread, rice, & pasta.

• Non-starchy Carbs: Timing is not a problem for non-starchy foods. You can eat this carb at any time. Examples of non-starchy carbs are whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

fiber rich food
You should study the food you eat as some food can have a substantial impact on your health. If you follow a healthy diet plan, you will consume a good amount of micronutrients. Micronutrients are required to our body as they help in fluid balancing, blood clotting, cell maintenance, cell generation, and muscle contraction.

A healthy diet reduces the risk of getting chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It will not only build your muscle but will also increase the strength of bone.
Along with diet and exercise, good sleep is also very important, as poor sleep impacts the person’s ability for doing a good amount of training. A night of good sleep is essential in the recovery process. You should track your daily calories and macros intake as it will boost your confidence.

In a nutshell, if you want to build muscle, lose fat, or acquire the desired physique, you should follow a healthy diet plan to get better results. To get energy and muscle growth, you should eat fewer fats and starchy carbs. Bodybuilders should be committed to their nutrition intake and training which will help in improving their consistency of making good progress in their body.

To optimize the benefits of training, bodybuilders need to consume a wide range of nutrient-rich foods. A proper diet routine must be followed to do bodybuilding.


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