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How Do Foodborne Antioxidants Contribute to Skin-Aging?


The definition of antioxidants is to provide a shield to protect you from skin-aging effects. These antioxidants are the extracts of vegetables and are derived from plants.

Some fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants like blueberries, avocado, raspberries, kiwi, apples, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, legumes like black beans and red kidney beans, and eggplants.

You can also find them in green tea or black tea, dark chocolate, and red wine. While we grow aged, the skin is the only first thing that catches our concentration when we look at us.

Skin Aging

Strangely enough, it is no wonder if we considered our skin as the most enlarged organ of our body which serves other organs like lungs, intestines, and liver for various purposes. Our skin fat is overloaded with the fluids that stay inside our bodies that generate some oxidants that invite skin-aging effects when we grow old. It is a more ironic thing about our skin when we are young, our biggest concern about our skin may be low to get a tan. But as soon as we get older, the top layer of our skin becomes shrink which pulls our attention more to get a tan.

By the time you start to feel the changes in your skin, you gradually become more conscious to protect your skin from all skin-ill-fated elements. Aging is a prolonged process that will definitely take place in your skin one day.

but what you basically can do is just to delay this normal cycle of aging of the skin. Keeping your body cells off from oxidizing on a cellular level is the only way to slow down the aging effects in your body. It is the best way to keep your body off from unnecessarily oxidizing as experts always say. You can do this by avoiding smoking and eating a rich healthy diet that supports all antioxidants elements. 

  • What Are the Free Radicals?

Most people are not aware of free radicals and their necessities in the body. Generally, free radicals are fragments or atoms with an odd number of electrons that can be formed while oxygen interacts with these fragments. These free radicals are quite essential for our life to fight invading bacteria in our body. Their deficiency accelerates the process of cell damage. This theory enhances the chances of aging over time.

Organic beauty

There should be a gentle balance between antioxidants and free radicals which is essential for proper physiological function. Oxygen-free radicals generally are ever-present in the process of cell metabolism that can also interact with our DNA to conclude proteins and other polyunsaturated fatty acids in our body.

It also causes breaks in the DNA chain and timely oxidative damage. Hence, the effect of some natural antioxidants to generate more collagen; decreases the aging process. 

  • How Can Foodborne Help to Slow the Appearance of Aging?

On a physical note; it is the best way to eliminates the appearance of skin-aging if we keep our body hydrated with an essential layer of lipid fat under the skin to protect internal natural moisture. And this could only be done by eating a healthy diet that contains “smart” fats like omega 3 and monounsaturated fats. You must drink plenty of water around 8-9 glasses of water daily to maintain a good skin regime condition and to minimize the moisturize loss.

As your skin is a replication of your health which is underlined with good nutrition, enough sleep, stress-free and hydrated, etc. all these good elements play a vital role in creating beautiful alive skin. Therefore, what types of food and categories, you must choose to boost the chances of healthy skin? Read this article more for some skin-friendly nutrients or foods that are called anti-aging elements to provide you a young & beautiful skin. 


Since, a wide majority of experts or dermatologist always believe in the major antioxidants or foodborne like vitamin A, C, and E that help to decrease the risk of skin damage through UV rays and other external and internal environmental damage. It is also found a significant relationship between the blood and vitamin A to generate pure blood circulation for the healthy skin condition.Increase the density of carotenoids in your blood by eating the food supplements that are rich in carotenoids.

Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, mangoes, pumpkin, butternut squash, green vegetables, cantaloupe, kale, tomatoes, and Swiss chard are wonderful sources of Vitamin A. 

Vitamin C, which is a potent topical antioxidant when it is an inactive form in our body; is a useful foodborne to provide you the best antioxidants to fight with skin-aging. Of course, foods including fruits and vegetables are always overloaded with vitamin C, anyway.  

  • Dietary Supplements Foodborne Antioxidants

Some dietary foodborne anti-aging antioxidants are subsequently essential to cut off adverse effects of reactive oxygen & nitrogen species in physiological function in our body. These supplements have more anti-inflammatory effects that result in the anti-aging effect if they are consumed in a better way. Some natural food ingredients or antioxidant elements contain a plethora of antioxidants that may be not present even in a single supplement pill but can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, herbs, legumes, green teas, and whole-grain cereals. 

  • Foodborne Antioxidants & Skin Aging 

Some foodborne neutralize skin damage by quenching the reactive fragments and hence, they protect skin cells from endogenous to exogenous stressors to prolong your life as well as vitality. Always choose smart fats like omega 3 fatty acid which is a skin-friendly element too. Derived from fish, omega 3 helps to shield especially against the sun-damage.

Antioxidents foodrichMany dermatologists have also advocated a special diet that is rich in antioxidants including omega 3 for better skin. Many scientific data support this type of diet to form young and beautiful skin. While there is certainly much to be acquainted with the benefits and risks are associated with fish oil supplements makes a sense to increase the efficiency of food intakes which is high in omega 3.


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