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How Should a Woman Approach Weight Training?


It is obvious what men think about women to not focus on some high volume cardio exercises and training. While others think women to focus only on the hard training muscle strength exercises. Which is the best for women? Both are two opposing camps that come up to the question of whether a woman should be trained as a man or not? These spectrums may end up with the time spent in the gym with some Aerobic activities like yoga or running of a woman. She should leave all the hard stuff for men.

This argument goes far as the body of a woman is different from a man but it doesn’t mean that we women should strive off to the hard training just like a man. It is not because we don’t want to get too bulky around abs like men from hard weightlifting

In the end, some people always think that there is not any difference or special between a man and a woman as everything is fair in this battle. Both men and women should be trained as the same in weightlifting exercises. We certainly don’t know where do these crises or opposing views come from and who is right or wrong. Well, let’s just explore the authentication and evidence to settle this war between man and woman. Weight Management

  • Naturally, Women Built Differently 

Yes, we are! There is no secret behind it. A man and a woman are built differently at their genetic level. Since our childhood, we have been studying and knowing about the fact that woman has two of the same kind of sex chromosomes. On other hand, a man has a different kind of two sex chromosomes. These genetic differences form evidence in some numerical ways significantly in musculoskeletal, biomedical, and physiological dissimilarities between a man and a woman. For instance, when an untrained man and a woman have similarities in their muscle fabrication, a woman tends to have larger fiber distribution to increase their strength training.  

  • Different Performance Implications 

Naturally, we are differently built up and we always perform differently than men. While we have a great level of flexibility and balance, we are also tending to have slower strength workouts based on our capacity. However, the aerobic and anaerobic capacities are high in our body and we are often inclined to do weight lifting for a long time period due to our hormonal potential to aid in muscle repairing and recovery.

As we are even more prone to different kinds of sports injuries. It is because we have some biomechanical differences. For example, in weightlifting, we are more tend to suffer injuries in our foot and legs. We are also more affected by the accident injuries overall with sprains and strains.

Women Strength

Exercises are not designed to give a response specifically for a man or woman. While a woman tends to get more fat than a man, a man has less in his body. The intensity of our muscle mass in the response to strength training workouts may not be different, even a woman may see a large increase in her strength during a workout. 

  • The difference in Resistance Training 

While a woman built differently than a man, she tends to perform differently in resistance training. Does it seriously mean to have different training for a woman? It says, No! As we are biologically different from men, it certainly doesn’t mean to stick with the same forms of strength training that always a man follows. However, sometimes we should adjust our training methods to build our muscles to allow our complete potential to take full advantage of strength training

  • The difference in High Reps & High Volume

Women are always preferring the slow but long training methods to build up our muscle training. Men are more tend to manage fast training methods as they don’t prefer long time reps to gain their muscles. They prefer short reps but more sets of high volume. The muscle fibers training in a slower time may decrease the need for recovery.

But a woman handles the high or more reps along with higher volumes to tone her muscle. Maybe a man can handle up the 3 legs workouts days a week but a female can only handle 1 or 2 leg workouts days in a week. Nevertheless, there is no any rule justified every strength training should be reached in a high volume with repetitions. So, girls, you are always doing better with the more reps to gain your muscles.

However, a woman should always recognize her strength that may excel at many types of other workouts in the gym. She needs to be more interacted and integrated with heavy workouts and low reps to feel significant improvements during their workout days. 

  • Swimming, Running & Spinning 

When a woman adopts the high-repetitions with high-volume strength training, it makes her excel at long-distance running or some aerobic exercise like spinning, climbing, and boxing.

It essentially adds the bonus to exhibit a great mood and improvement in nature when we respond positively to the aerobic exercise than a man. 

  • More Flexibility in Training Like Yoga & Dance 

Additionally, it is also an advantage for a woman to have more flexibility in core training like dance and yoga than a man. Women tend to pick the better flexibilities to make their balance in yoga postures and dance training.

It is moreover to find they can better or improve their activities than their male friends to incorporate some flexibility & balance together to drill into their exercise routine. Apart from that, women can prefer to spend more time in yoga and dance to strengthen their weaknesses quickly. 

Yoga and dance

Some differences between a man and a woman don’t mean that one should limit the training style or methods. Both are good at their own specialization of flexibility and balance that will hold for them to gain muscles and increase their efficiency in workouts.


Kiran Sharma


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