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Is Botox the Best Way to Have Wrinkles-Free Face?


If we say, our skin resembles our age, it is a window that everyone can peep inside our age. Wrinkles is a most telling interface which appears as the normal lines around our lips and forehead. It increases to add more candles on our cake. It is a result that says your collagen has been disappeared and your skin elasticity is now broken down.

Many plastic surgeons who perform reconstructive surgeries have claimed in their studies about genetics and all skin types factors on which we lost our control at a certain age. It makes more prone us to them with our different lifestyle and eating habits. 

Some other external environmental factors are also responsible for this which include, direct exposure to the sun, drinking, and smoking habits. It speeds up the formation of wrinkles on our face when we just reach the age of 30-35. Other facts like our sleeping position also play a vital role in wrinkles fabrications. 

When we tend to sleep on the left or right mostly during nights, it forms fine lines around our lips as our weight is more pressurized to pull our face on to the down position. Many treatments are undergoing to manage certain collagen production processes in our skin can be useful to remove the wrinkles from our face. In this article, we will discuss the facts related to these skin treatments to call off these facial changes from our age. 

Botox – Does It Work to Smooth Wrinkles?

Botox is a very common trick to remove wrinkles and their tracks from faces. It is a universal name that dermatologists always tend to use to eliminate wrinkles. Botulinum toxins type A which is an injectable, made of toxin comes from Clostridium Botulinum bacteria, works to reform the blood cells to produce collagen in our skin.

It is known as the potent neurotoxin which travels into synapses of our facial muscles to block their transmission. While this toxin is present in our facial muscles, muscles are unable to contract around any synapse. It makes our face muscles slightly paralyzed which results to smoothen our face lines. This treatment is temporary but may last for 6 months.

With a Botox treatment, you can stop wrinkles from deeper and permanently but it depends on the patient’s efforts to maintain it. When you have no wrinkles on your face but still want that procedure to secure your face from future wrinkles, it preventively wouldn’t work.

But when you feel or see a change in your face in the form of some facial expressions that don’t go easily, you can seek help from a neurotoxin. When your face is set on a rest where the wrinkles have been performed, you may consider the process of Botox treatment. 

Beyond Botox, What Should You Look Around?

Although Botox is not a single way to treat your wrinkles and fine lines, you have many other ways to eliminate the wrinkles those work significantly. As Botox has its own brand value, most people are fond to admire it as a safe treatment.

There are three other types of Neurotoxins that work in a subsequent way to release wrinkles on your face. Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin are three neurotoxins that you can talk or consult with your dermatologists about.


Now, what makes you surprised? The active agent of these four neurotoxins is not just similar but identical completely as they each contain some unique carrier properties of protein which diffuse by skin tissues slightly. What do you need to pay to smoothen or younger-looking skin? 

well, the cost is high! You need to expend more than $397 according to your wrinkles growth. The costs also vary depending on the areas to be treated. It also depends on the nature and thickness of wrinkles where the actions need to be performed or preferred accordingly. Moreover, the prices may also vary depending on a particular city or area, and individual doctors.  

How to Get a Perfect Botox Treatment?

The most significant thing is to know a knowledgeable doctor that means a well-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You need to research the reviews of patients who have been undergone these procedures or providers who know who is the more professional and trustworthy surgeon to perform Botox procedures. 

Someone may offer you cheap prices but you should be conscious and consider the experience much than the cost of the procedure. You can’t take the risk of any injectable which inserts in your face skin, right? So always do the studies before you seek this treatment. You can go to different websites and evaluate the results of the procedures. Be attentive and clever to make any decision if you are sure to treat your wrinkles with Botox. 

What Cautions You Do Have Before Undergoing the Botox Procedure?

Before undergoing any treatment of Botox, you should read the guidelines of AAFPRS that always recommend having a complete pre-medical checkup and evaluation of your past medical history.

You must ask the service provider about the procedure and steps associated with Botox treatment. A good study before any procedure; may save you from any risk which is called often. Hence, always be aware of the risks and side effects that are interconnected with the treatment of Botox. 

You Must Read About the Disadvantages Underlined in a Botox Treatment   

If we talk about disadvantages, Botox is enclosed with limited data and further experiences of its patients. While the surgeons are optimistic about Botox neurotoxin, the value of their patient satisfaction plays a different role in others’ life. Since this procedure is not timeworn, it is not possible to evaluate with experience.


If you are willing to jump over this procedure, you need to have something to be seen. Apparently, the result of this procedure doesn’t in the right way, patients are advised to wait for a week or weeks for the complete effect, as the doctors say. It takes around 30 days maximum to an outcome.

If you want effects faster to appear, this procedure may not be for you. As an injectable, Botox may perform adequately while you look to deal with your muscles frown lines on your forehead, but it doesn’t mean to get results with ease.


Kiran Sharma


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