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5 of the best benefits of Neem for your body health

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Neem is one of the most respected herbs and especially in India it has extensively been used in wholesome health management. It is one among a very few trees whose every part is usable right from leaves and bark to roots fruits, lowers, and even twigs. Packing as many as 130 diverse compounds Neem gets a distinct position in Ayurveda- the traditional medicinal text of India. Apart from managing healthy body neem is also used as a natural medicine in various health conditions. In this blog we will learn some of the major health benefits of Neem for different parts of our body:

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Natural Blood Purifier

Regular consumption of neem can purify your blood by flushing out the toxins. It helps in quick healing burns, cuts, wounds, and infections. Neem’s powerful anti-bacterial qualities turn it into an effective natural medicine for various types of eczemas. It is a reliable solution for ringworms and some types of old dermatological diseases. Neem also packs healing properties to help you get rid of dark spots and acne.

Consider taking neem with honey to avoid a bitter taste. Moreover, both of them are excellent for your skin

For old dermatological issues, you can make a fine paste of neem and turmeric and apply at infected areas

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Regular chewing of neem provides a natural glow to your skin. Neem leaves are good for your hair too as it accelerates healthy division of cells. It saves the scalp from hair-hurting oxidative stress due to free radicals. By stimulating hair follicle growth around the scalp area neem also promotes healthy hair growth. For many centuries people have been using boiled neem water to nourish their hair. Neem also fights off Malassezia a kind of fungi that causes hair dandruff.

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Neem is also a good natural way to enhance your vision and treat redness or irritations. If your eyes feel tired then here is an effective, immediate, and easy home remedy/ Just boil a few (not too many) neem leaves and allow water some time to cool down. Take out the leaves and use this water to properly wash your eyes. Gently dab the eyes with a clean and dry towel. You will experience an immediate freshness in your eyes.

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Being loaded with antiviral and antimicrobial properties Neem can work wonders on your immune system as well. Neem’s rich antioxidant properties help in saving you from the negative effects of free radicals which are responsible for many common and chronic diseases. In this capacity, Neem acts as a lifesaver- when taken regularly. Along with regularizing immune sustain neem can also remove harmful bacteria.

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Excess bacteria in the intestinal area disturb the digestion process. Neem efficiently removes these excess bacteria and also cleanses the colon. Moreover, it also has many liver-friendly qualities that offer wholesome, sustainable health benefits of your liver. Collectively all these factors regularize the digestion process and avoid the accumulation of bodily toxins.

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As a potent antibacterial herb Neem can effectively fight and removes the decay-causing bacteria of your mouth and thus saves your teeth. Neem is equally competent to discourage the plaque formation process and protect teeth from gum infections. Regular brushing yr teeth with neem twigs provide a natural shine to your teeth. It also helps in preserving ideal alkaline levels of the saliva.


Neem is a highly effective herb that helps in keeping our entire body healthy and can also be used as an effective remedy to get rid of different health conditions. Right from skin-related issues to digestion, teeth cavities, and dandruff, neem has the potential to treat different health issues.



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