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Sattu: A humble and affordable indian food with impressive health properties


Many Indian foods may not have a very high profile. Nevertheless, these foods are loaded with many body friendly properties. One such food item is Sattu that has been highly popular in India for the last many centuries. However, it is generally related to the rural environment and most of the urban population is very keen on eating status. That said Sattu is highly rich in many nutrients and vitamin ad helps in regularize vital functions of your body, which make sit a great for people with different ages and medical conditions. In this blog we will discuss some of the best qualities of Sattu:

Koli Bacteria, Escherichia Coli

Regulates digestive system

By eating Sattu the first thing in the morning you can regulate the digestive system. This potent food item is loaded with iron and fiber and also has a decent quantity of salt. All these contents promote bowel movement while also healing various stomachs related issues.

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Detoxifies your body

 Sattu comes is an effective natural detoxifying agent which helps to purge your body of harmful toxins before they start affecting the internal organs. It also keeps various health disorders at bay.

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Promotes healthy appetite

 If you wish to increase the appetite then Sattu can be a great option to go for. Prepare a sattu sharbat or buy one form the market. Drink it the first thing before eating your breakfast. Being high in magnesium and potassium Sattu sharbat can reasonably increase your appetite.

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Keeps weight under control

 Sattu has proven qualities that boost the calorie-burning capability of your body by regulating your metabolism mechanism and streamlining digestion. It is also found to decrease bloating and other digestion related disorders.

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Enhances energy levels

 As per some studies eating Sattu before breakfast streamlines the growth of the body’s red blood cells that provides maximum oxygen supply to your body. In turn, it makes you feel more energetic for the entire day.

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Possesses coolant properties

Sattu keeps your body hydrated and helps you beat the summer heat. A chilled glass of sattu sharbat keeps you fresh and hydrated throughout the day. It cools the stomach and prevents indigestion.

Relieves the severity of diabetes and High Blood Pressure

 Sattu helps in regulating the blood pressure. Being low in glycemic profile Sattu also helps diabetic patients. Consuming ideal quaintly of Sattu on a regard basis manages your blood sugar levels.



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