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Take complete care of your body by following Ayurvedic Principles


Modern medical science has made tremendous growth but it doesn’t mean that we should neglect the traditional medical sciences just because they are ancient. Medical researches have demonstrated the efficiency of these practices that have been in use for the last many centuries. One such old medical science is Ayurveda. Right from the common populace to celebrities, many people are making a gradual transition to Ayurveda and realizing the practical benefits. It is because Ayurveda utilizes a logical approach and attacks at the root cause of the issue instead of just working at the surface level or healing the symptoms. In that capability, Ayurveda helps in uprooting the disease. It works on some specific principles. Let us learn about some Ayurvedic principles and how does it help in improving your health:

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Ayurvedic suggestion for long and healthy hair

As per the Ayurveda principles, it is the Pitta Dosha that causes hair loss. The Pitta is related to the functioning of digestions and metabolism. For resolving Pitta dosha you need sweet and cool foods to strengthen your hair follicles and provide enough support for your hair.

Some of the foods that can help you balance pitta dosha are buttermilk, coconut oil, cinnamon, and fruits such as melons, grapes, and pomegranates. Being a good source of calcium coconut also assures you good hair growth. Massaging Bringraj extract on your scalp is also recommended as it helps in making the roots stronger and accelerates healthy growth of hair.

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Skin care as per Ayurveda

The chemical-laden skin creams available in the market may provide an instant glow to your skin but they hurt the delicate inner structure of your skin in the long run. So it is much better to use Sandalwood (Chandan) that is a natural soothing agent and helps in enchaining the skin tone. It also packs potent qualities to heal blemishes and treat acne on the skin. 

For the best impact take a teaspoon each of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder and makes a paste by adding some drops of rose water. It will form a natural, soothing, and very effective face mask to offer an impressive glow to your skin without interfering with its inner structure. Along with this topical remedy, it is also advisable to make skin stronger from inside by consuming foods that are rich in iron and purifies the blood. Some examples include pomegranate juices, beetroot juice, and carrots. >>

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Improve digestion by going the Ayurveda way

Ayurvedic principles also pack strong healing qualities to provide quick relief for gas, indigestion and other stomach problems. The simple things that we often overlook like the sitting posture while eating or the way we breathe when eating our meals can have a long-lasting effect on our digestive functions.>>

<< According to Ayurveda, it is the digestive fire that helps you digest the food. Eating your food without properly igniting digestive fire can cause various stomach related issues.

A powerful way to make your digestive fire stronger is to take a spoon of grated ginger and add some salt and lime juice to it. This mixture facilitates the production of vital digestive enzymes by stimulating your salivary glands. It facilitates the proper digestion of your food. >>

<< Once the digested food converts into Ojas improvised energy and construct the defense mechanism. However, many times it turns not Ama that lowers down the immunity. In that condition, you need to balance Ama and Ojas to eliminate the former or at least minimize its negative impacts. For instance, adding spices accelerates our immunity level and streamlines vital body functions. Examples include Cumin that eliminates Ama; black pepper cleans pathways for ensuring quick and thorough reach of Ojas to the entire deep tissues and cells o our body. Likewise, turmeric purges our body of harmful toxins.

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Designing meal plan as per Ayurveda

Ayurveda specifically concentrates on regulating digestions as it directly or indirectly influences the majority of biological functions. Most importantly a strong and streamlined digestive process is crucially important or weight loss. By aligning your meal variety and portions with him biological Agni you can optimize your digestion process. For instance at noon when the digestive Agni is at the most optimal levels you can utilize it for eating the largest (among three) meals of daily meal plan while at the late evening you should consume the least amount as the Agni is at its slowest at that time. As per both Ayurveda and the latest research reports, one way to strengthen your digestive process is to drink warm water especially upon waking up and then several times a day. The reason is that your metabolism works best at reasonably higher temperatures which eventually increases the calorie-burning capabilities of your body.>

Besides, there are some Ayurvedic methods and massages to get rid of health disorders. Here are a few of them:

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In this Ayurvedic method a container is hung in an oscillating position above your head maintaining an appropriate distance. This container contains the warm liquids/oils prepared with potent herbal ingredients following Ayurvedic methods. Under oscillating position, the preparation pours at an unfastened, consistent rate on your scalp while the trained massager performs a gentle massage on your scalp with the right pressure at specific points. It balances Vata and pitta doshas while cleansing the nervous system.  

It pacifies your mind, relieves from chronic headaches and migraines, and also reduces the hair loss.

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Shiro Lepa

 Shirolepa consists of a precise blend of diverse dried Ayurvedic herbs in a powdered form. These are then blended into a fine paste through traditional Ayurvedic formulations. This paste is roughly applied to the scalp and a banana leaf is wrapped around your scalp leaving the top portion opened. Through this opened portion the specifically prepared medicated Ayurvedic oil is poured on to applied paste. It results in close interaction of this medicinal paste with the deeper tissues of your scalp. It soothes the pita dosh and relives from conditions like dandruff, hair greying, and hair falling. Additionally, it also relieves stress and makes your head feel lighter and relaxed.

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Shiro Abhyanga

In Shiro Abhyanga, the neck, head, upper back, and shoulders of individuals are properly massaged with warm Ayurveda oils. It helps in relieving muscles and tissue stress of the upper body and also soothes your scalp.

In this massage Ayurvedic warm oil preparations are used and specific pressure points of different areas are stimulated with the help of strategic hand movements during massaging. It increases oxygen and blood flow to your scalp which provides a sufficient supply of nutrients to the follicles and thus nourishes your hair health.


In the Nasya Kriya the person tilts the head slightly backward while lying down in a horizontal position. Then a few drops of specific Ayurveda preparations are lightly poured drop by drop into your nostrils in such a way that they touch the back of your internal throat. This single practice can help in relieving all the three doshas depending upon the time of the day. When done in the morning it treats Kapha relate issues. When done in the afternoon it helps in relieving pitta-related issues and if you practice Nasya Kriya during the night it soothes the symptoms associated with Vata disorders. It also helps in clearing the sinuses while making mucosal pathways stronger that helps in building immunity and allows us to fight diseases pre confidently.

Note: If you are doing Nasya at your own home then you can use the sesame oil as it balances the nervous system due to its balanced warming and calming properties. For Pitta dosha of a higher grade, you may need Brahmi ghee. Likewise, it is recommendable to use Tikta ghee and Vacha oil to treat Vata and pita doshas respectively.

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Ayurvedic massage at home

If you wish to take best benefit of Ayurvedic massage without compromising on your daily commitments then you can buy Ayurvedic hair oil and massage it on to your scalp in a normal way. It is not only convenient and quick but also offers you several health benefits for your hair, mind, and body.

It regulates the blood supply to the scalp by stimulating the blood vessels. Depending upon the dosha imbalance you can choose the most relevant Ayurveda oil for massaging. Also, the oil must be properly soaked by your scalp only then it would be able to work well. For that you need to massage properly and thoroughly throughout your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes applying proper but gentle pressure so that the oil gets absorbed inside.

Some oils that you can use for massage are Coconut oil,  Sesame oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Amla oil, Brahmi oil, Neem oil, and Bhringraj oil

Ubtans—a traditional way to cleanse and nourish your skin

For cleansing the skin the Ayurveda recommends making an ubtan- a traditionally prepared cream by mixing chickpea flour and dry milk powder in a blender. Now take around 2 teaspoons of this ubtan in your hand and add little water to form a consistency of thin paste. At the time of shower wet your skin and apply this home-prepared Ayurvedic ubtan on your skin and scrub it gently but thoroughly using lengthwise movements. Now rinse off the scrub and dry your skin.  Chickpea flour acts as a gentle yet effective natural exfoliate while the dry milk powder provides nourishing compounds to your skin

Take an ounce of almond oil and mix it well to the specific essential oil relevant to your Prakriti. Sweet orange is suitable for dry skin, and sandalwood oil is good for sensitive skin. Use lavender if your skin is oily.

After mixing the oils in a bottle warm it for some time to make an abhyanga. Abhyanga refers to self-massage oil. Thoroughly massage your scalp with this oil ensuring proper distribution and absorption. Now take some more oil and massage every other part of your body, hands legs, abdomen, spine, and feet. Use measured repetitive strokes and circular movements with sufficient pressure to ensure that the oil is properly absorbed by the skin and nourishes your body tissues.  

It helps in improving the skin complexion and naturally tones your muscles. It also helps in providing a natural glow to the skin and keeps it hydrated. As opposed to quick superficial solutions this preparation works on the cellular foundation without hurting your skin or posing any immediate or long-term side effects.

For facial skin

Use properly warmed water to thoroughly wash your face which helps in bringing skin cells residue to the surface so that you can remove them with the least efforts.

Mix two tablespoons of flours wit a tablespoon of water. Now take some of this mixture in your fingers and press this paste onto the face so that the skin cells residue can be removed easily and safely.

 Moisturize your skin with rose water

On the wet face apply a slim jojoba oil layer for locking in the moisture.

Right diet for glowing skin

 Processed foods, fatty snacks, overly refined food items, sugar, salt, fish, and red meat can cause various dermatological issues. Try replacing them with a vegetarian diet consisting of whole foods and naturally prepared consumables.

Healthy sleep and exercise routine

 According to some renowned Ayurvedic practitioners, it is important to exercise regularly making sure to continue the session until you start sweating as it topically flushes the toxins and promotes healthy blood circulation which collectively helps in keeping your skin healthy.

Collagen and elastin are two major components of skin that help in toning your skin and saving it from sagging. The epidermis is another friendly component for your skin. To increase their productivity and streamline their functions you need to take a good and sound sleep. Avoid playing with mobile or watching late-night shows before sleeping as it disturbs the sound sleep. Instead, listen to soothing music or read your favorite book which pacifies your mind and helps you to enjoy a good sleep.



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